Introducing Heather Stark


Throughout its long history Southport Orchestra has been committed to introducing audiences to a wide range of classical and popular music. Furthermore, they have been keen to encourage others to experience the joys of playing a musical instrument and maybe even joining a musical group.

During the autumn of 2016 Southport Orchestra presented a joint Christmas concert at Emmanuel Church, Southport, inviting the children of Formby’s Woodlands Primary School Choir to join them for the evening.

An unexpected outcome of this event was that a member of the choir, 10-year-old Heather Stark, found herself sat close to the orchestra’s harpist and was totally captivated by both the player and the sound of this beautiful instrument. Already a talented young singer, pianist, clarinettist and violinist Heather began a campaign of persuading her parents that becoming a harpist was now at the very top of her life’s ambitions!

Fast forward to 2019, having sought the advice of a range of accomplished harpists and teachers, Heather, now aged just 12 years, is the proud owner of a magnificent pedal harp. She is also a grade 4 harpist whilst also playing violin in Sefton Youth Orchestra. An audition with the Royal Northern College of Music is on the horizon for this extremely talented, dedicated and ambitious young lady!