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Stuart Baker

Stuart Baker

Stuart Baker

Instrument - Viola

Joined Orchestra- 2003

A little bit about me.............................

My first close encounter with a musical instrument was when I played a baritone horn in an Air Training Corps band in the 1960's but it was not until many years later, after dabbling with piano lessons, that I discovered the joy of playing the viola and the even greater pleasure of being welcomed into the Southport Orchestra. Playing with others inspired me to take part in the Merseyside 'SuperOrchestra' at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall conducted by, and under the watchful eye of, Vasily Petrenko.

Believing firmly in trying to learn new skills before it is too late I have also taken to the delights of woodturning and the frustrations of golf. Like playing the viola they look deceptively easy but are challenging and enjoyable recreations. In what is left of my spare time I walk on the fells in the Lake District, trying always to devise a route which I have not taken before. How do I like to relax? I am not sure that I ever do. I certainly have no time to be bored!

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