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Youth and Community Outreach - School Outreach

During the current academic year Southport Orchestra have been piloting a scheme that provides funding for violin lessons for the pupils at St John's School in Crossens. Year 5 pupils at the school have been given an introduction to the violin and Year 6 pupils have been able to build upon the tuition that they received in the previous year. Southport Orchestra have kindly covered the cost of the tuition fees and have also provided all of the necessary associated equipment such as shoulder rests, a generous supply of violin rosins and tutor books etc. The Year 6 pupils, who are studying for their ABRSM Grade 1 exam, have already got the required scale and arpeggio patterns for the grade memorised and will soon be choosing the pieces that they would like to present for the exam.

It is an exciting new venture for Southport Orchestra who are keen to support music-making within the local community. Giving youngsters the opportunity to access a musical instrument at an early age is something that the orchestra is keen to promote. One of the Year 6 pupils has already been able to showcase her talents by playing a piece in the school Christmas Service at nearby St John's Church on her trademark blue violin (which she has nicknamed 'blueberry') to which she received tremendous applause. The year 5's are progressing nicely too - there has only been one recorded incident so far,by a younger brother sitting on top of a violin and breaking it and the bows, which the Year 5's have learnt are not actually called 'sticks', generally seem to be going onto the right string at the right time! Andre Rieu and your orchestra, watch out!

Jessica's Story

Jessica receiving her certificate from Jeff Rimmer our Conductor.

You may have seen on the front page of the Southport Champion the story of Jessica receiving her Associated Board of the Royal Schools's of Music Grade 1 certificate where she achieved a distinction with 138 marks out of a possible 150.

For those of you who haven't seen the article, Southport Orchestra have been sponsoring violin lessons at St John's School where Jessica was a pupil, Jessica took her examination playing a 3/4 size instrument which was loaned to her by St John's School. However, Jessica has now moved to Greenbank High School, Hillside so has had to return the violin. Thankfully, a member of the orchestra who has a similar complete violin and bow kit has offered to lend it to Jessica to enable her to continue her musical studies and until such time as she graduates to a full size instrument.

We hope that one day Jessica will come and join the Southport Orchestra as a member of the strings section.