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Melanie Foster - Leader of the Orchestra

Melanie Foster - Leader

Melanie Foster

Instrument - Violin

Joined Orchestra- 2013

Other than falling in the boating lake, my first memories of Southport are of nervously performing at Southport Music Festival. Born into a family of violinists, I was keen to play the cello but persuaded that it was too big. I learnt to play courtesy of St Helen's School Music Service and, after serving my time in the training orchestras, was lucky enough to follow my sister into the Merseyside Youth Orchestra.

Music has been my main hobby ever since and, wherever I've been, there has always been an orchestra or two. As well as Southport, I also play in Crosby Symphony Orchestra and do an annual cathedral singing week. Perhaps my favourite, however, is playing for amateur musicals (usually with my dad). Where else do you get paid to be entertained by others?!

I am very proud to be leader of this 'up and coming' and very enthusiastic orchestra and to work with their immensely inspiring conductor.