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Veronica Curtis

Veronica Curtis

Veronica Curtis

Instrument - French Horn

Joined Orchestra- 2006ish

A little bit about me ..................................My beginnings

I may only be a 'fairly ordinary student horn' according to the horn teacher but I was bought by a fond father for his moderately musical daughter many, many years ago - too long ago to remember. For four years I was carted to and fro from secondary school on a regular basis for music lessons and orchestra practise. I was often carried home or to the bus stop by the boyfriend with the sweaty palms. He once even dropped me into a large puddle when he fell over. Luckily he got wetter than I did!

About 30 years ago I was brought out less and less frequently, then finally found myself in a series of dark lofts in different buildings. Just when I thought I'd been totally forgotten I was suddenly pulled out again. She even expected my valves to work after such a long time. How could I let her down?

Southport Orchestra:

So, for the last six years I have had at least one weekly trip to Southport Orchestra and rested in the dining room, being played much more frequently. I enjoy the camaraderie with the other instruments and when we're playing I can even sense the tension of her intense concentration. My favourite music is by Dvorjak and Sibelius but nothing that has an 'um-pah-pah'. Guess who always gets the 'pah-pah'?.

All in all life's good and, thanks to Southport Orchestra I have developed my social life and helped me to help her to improve her playing. Not bad for an 'ordinary student horn', eh!