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Tom Battersby

Tom Battersby

Tom Battersby

Instrument - Double Bass

Joined Orchestra- 2012

A little bit about me ..................................

My parents both played piano, my father's peak being LRAM (failed). So when the school music teacher said 'You're tall, take this'. I was introduced to the cello, and sawed my way through a fairly dismal school career. Later on in life a colleague wanted to move from bass to piano in his small band and persuaded me to take up what is, of course, the right-sized instrument. As I struggled and got lost, I kept finding my part coming out from the piano - just magic.

I joined the Crosby Symphony Orchestra 22 years ago, and found that the Principal bass player also taught double bass and cello. So I asked if she would give me some lessons. Some people say that I thought I'd save some lesson fees by marrying her. That was an expensive mistake! No, really, I do love her and we have been happily married for 18 years.

With Penny Thompson (Violin) I am a member of the folk band 'Time Ashore', . . . available for parties, beer festivals, weddings, bar mitzvahs etc.

Do you play another instrument?
You must be joking - I can't even play one properly!

What is the most famous venue you have played at?
Well, this has to be the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall with the Crosby Orchestra. I particularly remember the rehearsal when Martin Roscoe played the Rachmaninov 2nd Piano Concerto. The end of the 2nd movement was absolutely mesmerizing, and the whole orchestra held their breath as he played that last note. Nobody could move a muscle, not even blink. For those few seconds the world stood still . . . and while the concert itself was great, sadly it was just not quite the same.

What car do you drive?
With two Double Basses and two tall stools to carry, it has to be an ancient Volvo estate. Jeremy Clarkson wouldn't find it 'exciting', but it's the best car for us.

What would be your ideal holiday?
This has to be in our much loved motorhome. It's called 'Lanky' as it is a 'Lancashire' model. The best bit is going to France and meeting up with our friends Chris Cresswell (cello) and his wife.