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Tessa Parker

Tessa Parker

Tessa Parker

Instrument - Oboe (1st)

Joined Orchestra- 1990

A little bit about me.............................

I have had two careers, firstly as a mother and grandmother (family always comes first in my life) and second as a musician, oboe player and teacher. I studied at the Royal Academy of Music and played professionally for four years, before my two boys arrived. Since then I have played as an amateur and taught professionally. I now teach all woodwind instruments except bassoon, especially to adults which I really enjoy

Do you play another instrument?
I also play the recorder, flute and a little bit of clarinet

What is the most famous person and venue you have played at?
I played 2nd Cor Anglais in the Rite of Spring have played at the Royal Festival Hall under the baton of Pierre Boulez

Who has been your biggest inspiration?
Vernon (Tod) Handley was my greatest mentor

What are your ambitions for the future?
To keep playing as long as physically possible, but I hope I'll know when to stop before I'm asked to leave

What is your favourite instrument?
After the Oboe my favourite instruments are the cello and the flute

Why is the Southport Orchestra important to you?
I love the social life of the orchestra (Crosby, Ormskirk and Southport) and all the great friends I have made