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Meriel Nutter

Meriel Nutter

Meriel Nutter

Instrument - Flute & Piccolo

Joined Orchestra - Quite a long time ago! (15 + years I think)

A little bit about me ..................................

I play four members of the flute family, piccolo, concert flute, alto flute & bass flute. I get the chance to play the latter two as a member of Preston Flute Group which was started by a former conductor of the orchestra Michael Walder who was my teacher & who persuaded me to get a piccolo & join the orchestra, a decision I've not regretted (except when practising high notes on the piccolo.) I love flute playing & go on two of three flute courses each year.

My other hobbies are walking, gardening & baking, I have to do the former so I can indulge in the latter. Holidays are spent walking, usually in Scotland somewhere & I'm out walking most weekends with the walking clubs I'm in.

My flute playing inspiration is Wissam Boustany & he's also one of the most famous people I've played to both in private lessons & masterclasses. I've been lucky enough to play to Peter Lloyd & Ian Clark also, Peter has been & Wissam & Ian are the resident tutors on a flute course I attend yearly.

I work part time doing the book keeping for my husband's business but can't wait to retire.