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Kate Lawley

Kate Lawley

Kate Lawley

Instrument - Violin

Joined Orchestra-

A little bit about me ..................................

I am a Lancashire lass who grew up in Norden, near Rochdale. No-one in my family played an instrument but I was offered tuition at Primary School and started to learn the violin. I loved playing in the school orchestra and so joined the Rochdale Youth Orchestra which kept me out of trouble on Friday nights throughout my teens. I continued to play whilst studying Languages at the University of Durham and am currently a member of 2 local orchestras.

After University I trained as a teacher in Lancaster and then moved to Southport on gaining my first job. I have been a Languages teacher at a local secondary school for the past ten years, progressing from NQT to my current post of Head of Faculty. I teach French and German but have recently started to teach some Spanish as well. I love being in the classroom and try my best to make lessons fun with songs, games and cultural activities. Outside of work I like to meet friends and go out to the cinema, concerts and restaurants. I also enjoy (trying to play) tennis, walking and cycling.

Do you play another instrument?
Yes, the piano, badly! I used to be Grade 8 standard but that was a long time ago......

What is the most daring thing you have done?
I'm not sure it would class as daring but I lived abroad in France and Germany for a year whilst at University. It made me more independent and I tried snails and frogs legs. Won't be going back for seconds!

What is your favourite film?
Amelie. It's a pretty whacky French film but very sweet :)

Who is the most famous person you have played with?
I haven't played with anyone famous but I have played for the Queen with the Rochdale Youth Orchestra - does that count?!

Who is your favourite composer?
That depends. I love to listen to Tchaikovsky and Beethoven but also enjoy playing Baroque music, Vivaldi and Bach. My favourite violin concertos are the Mendelssohn and Bruch.

Why is the Southport Orchestra important to you?
It can be hard to settle in a new area away from friends and family, and meeting people through the orchestra has made me feel at home and improved my social life in Southport.