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Judith Berkley

Judith Berkley

Judith Berkley

Instrument - Violin

Joined Orchestra- September 2012.

A little bit about me ..................................

Since retiring from secretarial work for the NHS two years ago, life has become busier than ever! Our youngest son, Stephen and his partner Leanne, have presented us with two lovely granddaughters, Bethany and Jessica. We are frequently called upon to babysit which is always enjoyable and unpredictable!

We have recently joined the Burscough U3A and have started ballroom dancing lessons through them. We also visit the theatre with the U3A.

Once a month I go to Westhead for an evening doing craft work with Dianne's Craft Exchange where cups of tea, biscuits and friendly chat play a large part.

My favourite food is Italian and I enjoy a visit to Antonio's in Ormskirk from time to time.

My favourite film, so hard to choose just one, would be Dances with Wolves starring Kevin Costner - the music is wonderful.

My favourite composer is John Barry, his CD The Beyondness of Things is so good.

The only thing I would change would be stopping playing the violin when I left school. At the time I had reached Grade V and was leader of the school orchestra. I realise now what a mistake it was to stop. I am very fortunate to have the violin which belonged to my great great Grandfather. It has a beautiful rosewood case and is a pleasure to play.