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John Cotterill

John Cotterill

John Cotterill

Instrument - Cello

Joined Orchestra- 2010

A little bit about me ..................................

In response to a challenge thrown down by my wife I took up the cello at the age of 50, probably only 40 years too late! So with total ignorance of playing an instrument and reading music I embarked on what has been a thrilling, frightening and sometimes frustrating time learning my favourite instrument. Luckily I have had some really great teachers who seem to have been endowed with endless patience. I worked in the chemical industry for most of my life travelling extensively in the UK and the rest of the world. In order to keep up with my practice I often took my cello with me; goodness knows how many fellow hotel guests I have annoyed with my nocturnal scrapings!

What has been your biggest inspiration?
Some years prior to joining an orchestra I heard a radio programme about late starters which mentioned an amazing organisation, the East London Late Starters Orchestra, and went on two of their summer schools. A week, playing 10 hours a day with some 120 other string players of all abilities from all parts of the UK and abroad was an amazing and inspirational experience.

Why is Southport Orchestra is important to you?
Playing with the Southport Orchestra is a further inspiration. It gives me the opportunity to play with a really friendly, talented, always encouraging and at times forgiving, group of people. It has given me more confidence and helped me to improve my playing as well as giving me the opportunity to play really great music.

What do you do to relax?
I very much enjoy walking, reading (biographies and historical novels), concerts, theatre as well as traveling in the UK and abroad. I also like cooking and will tackle almost any type of cuisine but particularly enjoy Thai stir fried food.

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