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Christine Simpson

Christine Simpson

Christine Simpson

Instrument - Cello

Joined Orchestra- 2011.

A little bit about me...

I really enjoy playing with the orchestra. I am a late starter, only realising what I was missing out on when my kids started to play and I was ferrying them around and thought I fancy this too.... so I got a cello and got started. I was fortunate in that I had played the piano so could read music but otherwise there has been a lot to learn and practice! Its a very good antidote to the day job though and great fun. I only wish I had discovered it all a bit earlier!

My kids teacher has been great and let me play along in their orchestra and we are going to Germany this summer which will be the 6th European tour they have done.

I think one of the most memorable concerts that I have been involved in was in Rufford Old Hall in December. It's not easy to play the cello in hat, scarf and coat, not to mention gloves, but it was soo cold!!

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