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Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson

Instrument - Violin
Joined Orchestra - 2015

My first real contact with classical music was starting to learn to play the piano at about 7 years old.  By about 14 years old, practising had become a chore and I gave up lessons.  I don't remember what caused the change, but by the time I was about 15, I had taken up piano lessons again, learned to play the recorder and joined the school orchestra (yes, a rather odd collection of instruments) and started to learn to play the violin.

All this took place in Burnley, Lancashire, where I was brought up.  At school, I progressed to playing the violin in the orchestra and eventually became leader.  In a concert near the end of my last year at Grammar School, I played the solo part in a simplified schools version of Mozart's 1st violin concerto as well as piano duets and violin solos with piano.

I went to Leeds University, got a degree in physics and a teaching certificate, and became a physics teacher. I taught physics for 38 years, finishing up as Head of the Physics Department at The Glasgow Academy. While in Glasgow, I played second violin in Glasgow Symphony Orchestra, one of Glasgow's amateur orchestras for about 30 years.

Apart from playing and listening to music, my interests are photography, bowling, birdwatching, food and wine

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