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Beryl Yates

Beryl Yates

Beryl Yates

Instrument - Violin

A little bit about me ..................................

I left university with a degree in physics and a passion for rock climbing. Almost immediately I spent two weeks camping in Skye. It was amazing! With two friends I did the Black Cuillen Ridge in less than twenty four hours - possibly one of the first group of women to achieve this challenge.

A job in industry working on glass research meant I could afford a car and enjoy the excitements of rallying and treasure-hunts!

Marriage and two children brought me to serious music. The children were having lessons with Lesley, our leader in Southport Orchestra, when I found a broken violin in the loft of my parent's house. This was fixed and I too, had lessons. I joined Ormskirk Music Society and discovered the pleasures of playing in an orchestra.

I think that the concert which has thrilled me most was when Ormskirk Music Society played the B minor Mass in Liverpool Philharmonic Hall.

I have since joined both the Southport and Crosby Orchestras. I cannot emphasise enough the pleasure I have had playing my violin and meeting so many interesting people.

I only wish I had found that violin at least two decades earlier!