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Alec Gregory

Alec Gregory

Alec Gregory

Instrument - Trumpet

Joined Orchestra- 2012

A little bit about me ..................................

Alec Gregory has been playing the trumpet in the Southport Orchestra since September 2012 after moving to Southport from the Wirral where he spent two decades making music with the Wirral Symphonic Wind Band. He has been playing the trumpet since the age of eleven and also plays the piano, guitar and bass guitar with varying amounts of success! After over thirty years as a full-time classroom music teacher in Birkenhead and Liverpool he is now forging a career in supply teaching. His favourite composers/musicians include Mahler, Stravinsky, Mozart, Miles Davis, Sun Ra, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison and Leonard Cohen. His hobbies include reading the Guardian, cooking and eating which means that he needs to spend more time on his other hobbies of walking, cycling and running! He has greatly enjoyed his time with the orchestra playing a wide range of music including classics of the orchestral repertoire. He is also grateful for the opportunities that he has had to conduct some rehearsals and thanks the other members of the orchestra for their tolerance in this (and his FFF playing at times – sorry Chris!)

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