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David Walmsley

David Walmsley

David Walmsley

Instrument - Violin

Joined Orchestra- 1997

I’ve been a chorister at Chester Cathedral, a tradesman in the British Army, a licensee of five public Houses in Liverpool, a Sergeant in the Merseyside Police having served for thirty years and now find myself retired with nothing to do and all day to do it in – I wish!   Oh, and proud to be a playing member of the SO Marvellous Southport Orchestra.  

Domestically, I live with my wife Pamela, two geese and a German shepherd dog.   Consequently I am way down in the pecking order.   The two geese and the dog make full use of our large garden where we also grow fruit and veg. 

I have been a member of a variety of musical groups and have a collection of instruments which have been used by me in police bands.   They include clarinet, saxophone and a tenor horn and my violin which has become my firm favourite.

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